GPSA Legislative Affairs Committee

The GPSA Legislative Affairs Committee (LAC) is chaired by the GPSA VP of Legislative Affairs (VPLA) and comprises of 5-6 GPSA senators. The LAC’s purpose is to facilitate the goals, projects, and legislative agendas of the GPSA. The GPSA LAC plays a crucial role in graduate and professional students lobbying at the city, university, state, and federal levels. The GPSA LAC also plays a crucial role in planning and executing the Coug Day at the WA Capitol. For more information on this committee, please contact the GPSA LAC chair, Tathagata Pal at

Coug Day at the Capitol

Coug Day at the Capitol is a WSU system-wide event held in January or February of each year in Olympia, Washington. Students from all campuses come together and have an opportunity to meet with Washington state legislators to discuss higher education priorities. Coug Day at the Capitol is planned by the WSU Student Government Council (SGC), and WSU GPSA is a part of SGC. Students lobby for specific bills with the legislators and share personal stories with them. In 2023, 61 WSU students met with 71 legislators during the Coug Day. Please contact Tathagata Pal at if you want to learn more about Coug Day or if you want to be a part of the 2024 Coug Day.

View student testimonies and photos of Coug Day at the Capitol.


Legislative Agenda

The GPSA legislative agenda summarizes all the topics that GPSA will be working on within a single college-year. It might also outline some topics as its long-term goal. GPSA typically works on city, state, and federal levels to advocate for graduate and professional students.


  • City/Community Level Agenda

    GPSA strongly believes that graduate and professional students are part of a greater community, and we are envisioned to help the students at the community level feel more welcoming, safe, and at home. For the 2023-24 legislative agenda, GPSA LAC is focusing on the following points:

    1. Lobby for a direct route from the Pullman apartment land to the Pullman campus
    2. Lobby for extended hours for the above route
    3. Lobby for CCTV cameras in graduate housing complexes
    4. Lobby for a neighborhood watch party with the help of WSU PD
    5. Addressing food security by implementing a fee for the cougar food pantry
  • State Level Agenda

    GPSA maintains strong and cordial relations with the state legislators. We believe many graduate and professional students’ problems can be addressed by properly conveying their voices to the state legislature. For the 2023-24 legislative agenda, GPSA LAC is focusing on the following points:

    1. Lobby for more affordable student housing with a possible cap on the rate of rent increase
    2. Lobby for telehealth support
    3. Lobby for expanding the subsidized childcare opportunity to include more graduate and professional students.
    4. Lobby to put a cap on the price of parking permits and tickets for students.
  • Federal Level Agenda

    GPSA is working hard to lobby at the federal level as well. GPSA is determined to make our students’ voices heard in Congress.

    1. Lobby for continued and increased funding in all fields of research
    2. Lobby for allowing F2 visa holders to work after the corresponding F1 visa holder has been in the States for 5 years.
    3. Lobby for increased work hours for F1 visa holders during the semester or increased hourly rate.

Legislative Partners